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Anonymous asked: How do you envision white people appropriately participating in tearing down racist institutions, attitudes, etc?


[Tw: Racial slur]

*note before I start*These are only a few things I thought of today which could answer your question seeing as this question is dissertation (broad but very heavy) worthy to begin with. Also, I’ve been on vacation and just got off the plane so this is 7 hours late and not proofread because most of this was started on my phone. I’m also probably going to get a lot of hate after I publish this saying how all of this is fairy tale and unrealistic but you asked so you get an answer*end note*

First white people would look at what they’ve done to society and stop seeing just greatness.

They’d see the Diasporas they’ve caused and instead of complaining when white guilt sets in, actively do things to change it. Get the fuck out of African Nations(give them back their free water supply, stop invading for oil, trees, metals, and gems). They would see the pain and the illness in this world and not pass over it in the name of Manifest Destiny, economy, profit gains, or means to an end. They would throw away Manifest Destiny from this day forth. They would apologize to Natives, and treat them with respect, they would lower the prices of food on the rez, get them proper shelter, and get them off of all mascot signs, shirts, pins, backpacks; etc positions because they are people, not tokens. They would dismantle the KKK and other Brotherhoods(Aryan, Italian; etc).  They would redo history books to include original thinkers and creators whose names were overlooked in favor of white apprentices/thieves. They would apologize and compensate the Chinese for the railroads they built. They would look back at the Industrial revolution and see how big of a role race played in getting Lithuanian and other migrant countries to accept lower wages and apologize to them. They would look at what it means to be white and understand whiteness for the step stool, made of the backs of people of color, that it is. Look at projects,”ghettos” and jails and realized the historically the color scheme has gotten darker in those areas for a reason. White people during the IR moved into these places and when white privilege made it easier for them to move up in the world the broken down developments became home to more people of color than sometimes humanely possible. Respect Rroma people and understand that they suffer too. Stop calling them ‘g*psies’! They are not a costume, they are a people who have long earned the respect white people have refused them. Speak to them about whether they want to be considered white people. Respect their lives. Give what they ask in terms of respect and resources.

And so and and so forth. 

Second, they shouldn’t beg people of color about their opinions and advice about race to alleviate their guilt like we are mammy milkmaids.

They would do what white privilege denies them and that is be accountable for what happen and let* it mark their history because no one else (besides men in general) have gotten a free pass at globally editing history. 

Third, when someone has said or done something racist (in an “isolated” incident[s]) there is no consoling the racist. Period.

They are to feel ashamed for what they have said or done because HISTORICAL WEIGHT GIVES NO JUSTIFICATION FOR SUCH THINGS TO CONTINUE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. POC HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH FOR A MILLENNIA. Stop thinking other people of color can’t say problematic shit but don’t think that it’s OK to rip them apart for it either. Your boat for that sailed a long time ago. Say your piece and go away. Also, stop treating lighter people of color or straight haired people of color better than others. You are only adding to the disgusting institution your families created and uphold.

Fourth, I need media/Hollywood who ever to realize that people of color can have complicated roles, dark skin, natural hair, and are human beings.

Like Games of Thrones (obviously this story will contain more European/white characters)has 2 people of African descent it it and one is a pirate with less than 100 words spoken combined if that. I’m tired of all of the stories, movies, books, making me feel like white people are the only people who ever had adventures, were heroes, have conflicts, and doubt their abilities even if they are excellent people. I’m tired of race being a way to reel in viewers with controversy instead of because it makes sense that people of color should be involved in everything white people are involved in. Shows like NBC’s Scandal need more light but I shouldn’t have to be excited because 5+ of the 14+ characters are people of color. The point is we have rich history and stories to be told to. They can be just as good as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Dexter, BBC Sherlock or Supernatural.

Fifth, white people realizing money is apart of privilege in a very real way.

Let’s see white people refuse their inheritance and give it the DREAM organizations or black youth or other self development organizations run by people of color. Find the families of your ancestors and pay reparations to children of laborers. Rebuild places like Newark, NJ where race riots are still historically visible in broken down/fire damaged buildings and NOT gentrify them like white people are doing now.  Go to schools where white people aren’t the overwhelming majority in both classrooms and faculty rooms and see how different your education turns out.

Six, Most importantly. People of color are intelligent, efficient, and capable just like white people. Don’t think you need to coddle us forever.

Once we have sufficient tools for ourselves we will not stand for White Saviors; that’s just another way to keep people of color from being their own people and being their own heroes. We don’t need collective parents we need peers.

Don’t just live out change on the internet. Don’t just go to the projects for a class assignment. Actually cut off the white-only bootstraps and live with us. 

So those are 6 or so ways I think racist institutions can be dismantled.

Anon will stay open for a while so stop in if you have anything else to ask. Also, just like when most of my loaded asks come in.

Salvador Feel (1931)

Salvador Feel (1931)


Important things for non-black tumblr users:

not every trendy phrase you see on here is for you to use. in fact, lots of the words i see floating around on here are actually aave (african american vernacular english) and when you use it and you’re not black, that’s cultural appropriation

that includes “not about that life,” “bae,” “____ game too strong” and more. it also includes “swag,” but unfortunately i just know enough people will get angry about that and say they as non-black people don’t have to give it up and that’s disrespectful as hell but i’m just one person

honestly, when you use it, this comes with a looooong groan from me because you don’t have the background that lets a phrase like that have any meaning from you. it also acts to lessen the legitimacy of aave because it becomes a joke when non-black people use it, and black people honestly get all kinds of shit from, wow, everyone else, about how the way we speak is not “real English” and a lot of ableist stuff about our intelligence from it

so like, really, think long and hard about what’s better - you making a ‘joke’ using aave that gets some laughs from your non-black friends and pushes black achievements further into the ground, or being, i dunno, respectful? honestly, you’ll live. omitting a few words that don’t belong to you in the first place will not ruin your life.


If capitalism is merely human nature, why were humans bopping around for 2,999,499 years not being capitalists? Does anyone think Caveman Bob was like, “Caveman Billy, if you want to fucking eat you need to stop spending all day hunting caribou like an asshole. Go work in my cave for 5 bones an hour sharpening rocks.” Also lol human nature.


where’s the problem


where’s the problem


"I don’t care about your gender! I like you for you!"

Okay, but like, I care about my gender, so if you could support me in ways that don’t involve belittling my relationship with gender, that’d be great

goyim: you know that jewish is a religion and not an ethnicity, right?
goyim: you look really jewish.


I don’t believe in innate identities anyway so masculinity can only really be something that exists in relation to the external, and the external is always political.